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Thank you so very much, Zimmay!


I had the absolute honor of meeting Zimmay at Anime Boston this past weekend!! She’s so awesome, and super nice, and is actually one of my idols in terms of art!! I’ve been following her work since she did the comic “Zuko’s Song” way back in the day so you can imagine how excited I was to meet…

Oh man, meeting Myriam at AB was really surreal and awesome. My old fancomics were from foreeeever ago, I’m surprised and flattered that anyone at all remembers! Also if I’m really an idol artist, I’m super impressed with how cool she was and how she kept it together, because I tend to choke up and get misty-eyed in front of my idols haha, (I wish I was joking).

Anyway, check out the link and her upcoming project, Sirenetta! Mermaid magical girls - I would watch the hell out of that. *___*

Thank you! Yes, I’m bringing them to Anime Boston next week, and then to Kawaii Kon, and if they’re a hit I’ll definitely look into making more to bring to any other conventions I’m going to this year. If you’re going to one of the same cons as me, I’ll have them~

I’m not sure about online sales, though. I don’t sell individual buttons online, and because every origami button is unique, it’s difficult to put them into sets. Basically if I sold sets online, customers would have to be alright with not knowing exactly what buttons they would get until they arrive in the mail.

Artist Alley 2014

I’ve applied to most all of these, but the ones in bold are confirmed. I’ll probably edit and reblog this list from time to time with updates.

  1. Anime LA | Jan 10 - 12  | Los Angeles, CA
  2. Amazing Arizona Comic Con (with BOOM!) | Jan 24 - 26 | Phoenix, AZ
  3. Anime Boston | Mar 21 - 23 | Boston, MA
  4. Emerald City Comic Con (with BOOM!) | Mar 28 - 30  | Seattle, WA
  5. Kawaii Kon | Apr 4 - 6 | Honolulu, HI
  6. Wondercon | Apr 18 - 20 | Anaheim, CA
  7. Fanimecon | May 23 - 26 | San Jose, CA
  8. Long Beach Comic Expo (waiting on response) | May 31 - Jun 2 | Long Beach, CA
  9. Denver Comic Con (with BOOM!) | 13 - 15 | Denver, CO
  10. Anime Expo | Jul 3 - 6 | Los Angeles, CA
  11. San Japan | Jul 18 - 20 | San Antonio, TX
  12. San Diego Comic Con (just attending) | Jul 24 - 27 | San Diego, CA
  13. Otakon | Aug 8 - 10 | Baltimore, MD
  14. A-Fest (waiting on response) | Aug 15 - 17 | Dallas, TX
  15. Nan Desu Kan (waiting on response) | Sep 12 - 14 | Denver, CO
  16. Anime Weekend Atlanta (waiting on registration) | Sep 28 - 28 | Atlanta, GA
  17. New York Comic Con (waiting on response/if GGC doesn’t work out) | Oct 9 - 12  | New York City, NY
  18. Geek Girl Con (waiting on response/if NYCC doesn’t work out) | Oct 11 - 12 | Seattle, WA
  19. Pacific Media Expo (waiting on registration) | Nov 7 - 9 | Los Angeles, CA
  20. Comikaze Expo | (waiting on dates) | Los Angeles, CA

I’ll also be going to several Los Angeles based craft, art, and zine fairs scattered throughout the year. If you’re in the LA area and want to know more, feel free to ask me for details.

And lastly a first update! For the first time in three years, I will not be attending A-Kon in Dallas, unless someone who got in is willing to split table space with me. I’ve applied to A-Fest in Dallas to make up for it though, so fingers crossed on that one! Also a few more BOOM! conventions may pop up in the future, we’ll see!

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