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You are so welcome!! Thank YOU for liking my design enough to have it permanently placed on your body! I think that is incredible, but really I have no words for how cool that is and how great that makes me feel. I’m not a tattoo person myself, but I have the upmost respect for them since I find them deeply personal, and I’m thrilled my design touched you on that level. I’m so glad your photo got back to me, and glad it came out beautifully!

Aw thanks a ton! I honestly don’t mind if you or anyone else joins my giveaway after just following me. Like it says in the giveaway post, it’s for followers new and old! I just hope that you and my new followers decide you like my art enough to stick around after it’s over and the winner is announced. But it sounds like you do so I’m really glad to hear that! Thanks!!

Thank you so very much, Zimmay!


I had the absolute honor of meeting Zimmay at Anime Boston this past weekend!! She’s so awesome, and super nice, and is actually one of my idols in terms of art!! I’ve been following her work since she did the comic “Zuko’s Song” way back in the day so you can imagine how excited I was to meet…

Oh man, meeting Myriam at AB was really surreal and awesome. My old fancomics were from foreeeever ago, I’m surprised and flattered that anyone at all remembers! Also if I’m really an idol artist, I’m super impressed with how cool she was and how she kept it together, because I tend to choke up and get misty-eyed in front of my idols haha, (I wish I was joking).

Anyway, check out the link and her upcoming project, Sirenetta! Mermaid magical girls - I would watch the hell out of that. *___*

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