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Hey Anon!

Normally I don’t like revealing where I get my products made. I know I’ve mentioned this several times, but the last two times I revealed my printers for prints/posters and other products, they became so popular that they couldn’t keep up with demand. Their quality went down the gutter as a result, so I had to find new ones or lower my prices along with the quality. I feel like good book printing is harder to find though, so I don’t mind sharing a few options! I’ve used and/or seen the quality of books from these printers and highly recommend them, but I’ll let you chose for yourself which one works best for your project. Best of luck with your books!

Ka-Blam, RA Comics360 Digital Books, and MLCR Printing.

Storenvy Closed until 07/21/2014

Okay, that’s about all the orders I can handle on top of convention prep. Store is closed until after San Japan! I will ship out any orders placed then after SDCC, and close it again before Otakon.

Thanks for all the support!! (*´д*)

So that was unexpected! Now that I know what’s going on, I am really surprised and extremely grateful to some very kind people on the internet today.

My art was linked here on Imgur today with no credit given in the original post. However, several people took it upon themselves to go through the comments and link my store to every person asking for where to buy it, and lots of others up-voted a comment with a big link to my store. That Imgur post then became popular enough to go trending on Reddit, where the same thing happened; lots of links back to my sites thanks to nice people in the comments, resulting in lots of direct support to me. My health insurance is covered for many months thanks to this.

Is it opposite day? Is this how the internet would be for artists if everyone was kind enough to link back to them when their work is posted without credit? Consider this girl’s faith in humanity and internet courtesy majorly replenished. I’m extremely lucky today, and I wish this was the norm for every artist. I’ll be working hard from now until my next convention to fill orders! Thank you!!

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