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Questions originally from THIS POST~

1. [hakashi, pikman] Take a picture of your workspace

Just moved, so I’m still kind of settling into it! Haven’t had a chance to get totally messy yet, or hang the rest of my frames.


2. [hakashi, pikman] Show your pencil case and what’s inside

I barely use these now except at conventions, since at home I’m all digital. 


3. [lucya] Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is

Unfortunately I can’t do this one because everything I’ve been drawing lately is under NDA, and I haven’t had time to even doodle stuff that’s not. But here’s a screenshot of a new product I’m working on; just converting my deer pattern into a button set.


10. [lucya] Least favorite thing to draw?

Cities and modern settings that are full of angles. Also crowds.

11. [pikman] Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now

I pretty much haven’t changed from this. 


12. [zambiunicorn] Any weird artist behavior you admit to doing?

I’m guilty of staring at people with features I find beautiful or unusual, like a perfectly pointed nose or a particularly animated or classic looking figure. It’s never in a, “omg he/she’s totally hot, checkin you out, wanna hit that,” way, but in a like, “your anatomy is awesome and I want to admire you as an aesthetically beautiful individual,” way. I’m also guilty of staring at people who strongly resemble my characters. In the rare instances when that happens I swear I’m not creeping on purpose, I’m just trying to burn their image into my skull so maybe I can draw my characters better later, (which I guess is… totally creeping).

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